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Olympos Lodge

Many years ago, a man arrived at one of the intact beaches of Mediterranean. Passing through an emerald green valley its natural beauty transformed his fatigue into joy. He rested at the place where a stream joins the sea. At that moment, time stopped for him, and he had a vision of a paradise by the sea. This dream continues today, and every year people from all over the world come here to share it with him.

20,000 square meters (3.4 acres) of beautifully themed garden space surround the 14 modest but elegant rooms. Everything is designed by artists, is stylish, spotless, and sparkling. Heating and air conditioning make the rooms comfortable in all four seasons, and the staff guarantee personal care and service. A sauna offers relaxation deep down to your core.

Olympos Lodge is ideal for relaxing, for small meetings and celebrations. The memories of the weddings in our garden last on. Our honeymoon suite is fabulous.

We are looking forward to welcoming you personally.

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